Geometric Recreation

This time, on my regular journey to Pretty Please Nail Salon, I drew inspiration from a different source.  Rather than going to Google or just trying to come up with something, I took advantage of a piece of jewelry I admire. I loved this pattern & figured it'd be rather flattering on my nails, especially with their shape.  

The inspiration: 

I didn't expect, nor did I want, an exact replica of the design, but it still came out surpassing my expectations.


High Fashion. High Tech.

When most people think of gamers, they think nerdy, socially inept individuals who could care less about fashion or anything having to do with aesthetics, really.  But thanks to Dior, we can take a different point of view as far as gaming is concerned.  Just recently, they released an ad portraying their latest collection of cosmetics as components of timeless video games such as Tetris, Pacman and Pong.  Although the cosmetics are not obviously displayed on a face, this ad is much more intriguing than a photograph of an overly emaciated model that's been photoshopped to death.  You be the judge: 

However, this isn't the first time in high fashion history that technology has had an influence on the portrayal of products.  Earlier this year, Chanel released an ad featuring robots as a means to present their most recent cosmetic line as well.


[Leave Your MARC] Fashion Show

Last Friday, the Auburn University Modeling Board as well as a few other modelesque  and stylish students that I chose, had the privilege of participating in Mr. Tuskegee University's "Leave Your Marc" fashion show.  The show was put together by Marc McMillan, who holds the Mr. Tuskegee University title.  It was a walk-off style show and AU came in 3rd despite a few mishaps.  Overall it was a great experience and we had fun.

Scene 1: "Rep Your School" -- we displayed our school spirit by sporting an assortment of orange and blue ensembles.

(above photos courtesy of YNOT iMages)

(above photos courtesy of Infinite Creation Images)

Scene 2: "Leave Your Marc" -- each model expressed their personal style as they pleased.

 (above photos courtesy of Infinite Creation Images)

(above photos courtesy of YNOT iMages)

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