Betsey Johnson S/S 2012 Collection

 Black, white, floral patterns, leopard print, pastels, studs, stripes and skulls were just a few elements that Betsey Johnson included in her Spring/Summer 2012 collection which she debuted on last Monday of NYFW.  It streamed live but unfortunately I wasn't able to catch it, so I absolutely had to research what I missed.

Some things I appreciated: The models sported Stila cosmetics, which I've been a fan of for years.  In addition, all of the models wore the "Lightning Bolt" earrings by Melody Ehsani, one of my personal favorite designers. 

More Photos: 



*New Song* Wale ft. Kevin Cossom & Rick Ross -- "Best Night Ever"

Word is this is one of the singles off the "Ambition" album.  From Wale's poetic flow and artistic content to Kevin Cossom's refreshing hook, this song is everything I need.  I personally love when sampled music is put together properly and here, the use of Maze & Frankie Beverly's "Can't Get Over You" really takes this song to a totally different level. Enjoy.


Frank Ocean -- two new [artistic expressions]

This week, Frank Ocean has released two visuals; one for 'Swim Good' off of his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape and another for 'Thinking About You'.

Swim Good

To be honest, this video is simple, yet it totally epitomizes the thoughts I personally have when I hear this song.  Although a rather complex storyline, in the song, the video conveys a message to those who may need a clearer understanding of the song.

frank ocean [swim good] from christopher francis ocean on Vimeo.

Thinking About You

I absolutely love this visual representation.  As opposed to 'Swim Good' and it's video, the song 'Thinking About You' relays a simpler message, but the video is much more complex.  I tend to be quite analytical so I admire all of the thought that went into the creation of this metaphoric and parallel storyline. 

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

One thing I've noticed about all of the Frank Ocean videos I've seen is that they are open-ended, in that they leave room for further reflection and let the viewer finish the storyline in their own way.  While already quite imaginative, they still allow the viewer to use their imagination for interpretation. 


Vintage Visage

When I was back home (Birmingham, AL) not too long ago, I took a visit to d'Trespa consignment boutique and was completely enamored with the visual aspect of the store.  I've always been very observant and analytical, but since I'm taking visual merchandising AND aesthetics this semester, I'm now accustomed to paying special attention to all sorts of window displays in addition to the overall ambiance of stores.

In d'Trespa, they had several small set-ups throughout the store and it made shopping not just a task, but an enjoyable experience.  

Here are some photos: 

I was especially intrigued by the authenticity of the vintage items, how strategically organized each display was, and the fact that every single item was for sale.  

d'Trespa is a high-end consignment boutique catering to both men and women and I highly suggest you visit it.  Please visit their website for directions and additional information.