Amy Winehouse inspired collection by Jean Paul Gaultier -- controversial?

Jean Paul Gaultier's Spring/Summer 2012 couture collection has been revealed to the public and his inspiration was the late British songstress Amy Winehouse.  Due to her unique and sometimes over the top fashion, Gaultier incorporated a countless amount of elements in this collection; leather, lace, bold colors, black, veils, corsets, long lines, layering, and much more. All of the models sported beehive hairstyles and heavy black eyeliner -- two elements that Amy was most known for. Some of the models were even sent down the runway smoking cigarettes. However, many did not find the collection nor the show appealing. Gaultier had never met Amy and controversy arose because he did not consult the Winehouse family before using pictures of her and having other people sing her music. According to Twitter, Amy's dad felt that the show and collection were "in bad taste". Kelly Osbourne along with a few others tweeted about the lack of class that the show and collection implied and felt as though Gaultier was just using her image and influence selfishly just to make money. However, you be the judge...

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