Visuals in the Sunshine State

Over the winter holiday break, two of my friends and I took a trip to Tampa, Florida. Being a fashion major and knowing what all goes into creating window displays and other forms of visual merchandising from scratch, I was awed by some of the creativity expressed in the International Plaza mall.

Louis Vuitton

Although simple, this display was quite clever. The circus theme and analogous color scheme are quite the attention grabbers and I love how the bags are perceived to weigh more than the elephant.

J. Crew

In my visual merchandising class, with us being college students on a budget, we always had to be creative in the most financially conscious way possible -- that included recycling. Therefore, this window display containing pinwheels constructed of magazine pages really spoke to me. Big ups to J. Crew for this go green display.

Neiman Marcus

When ascending and descending the escalators, customers are presented with a beautiful visage hanging from the ceiling. This display consisted of white plastic butterflies, adorned with silver glitter and small crystals, which hung on thin, clear wire. 

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