[MY] Top 10 Mixtapes of 2011

I could not do a post crediting my favorite albums of 2011 without giving props to my favorite mixtapes and free EPs as well.  There were so many projects released in 2011 that I had to do two separate lists because it would have been much too difficult to combine them. Anyhow, enjoy.

10. Thursday | The Weeknd

The Toronto artist followed up House of Balloons with another tape that was pleasing and wonderfully put together.

9. Music Money Magnums | Travis Porter

This was another project that put me in party mode upon listening. The Atlanta natives definitely know how to make songs that are catchy.

8.  B---- I'm The S--- | Tyga

This entire mixtape is a party in and of itself. I had so much fun upon the first listen that I automatically knew it'd become a favorite of mine.

7. Under The Influence | Domo Genesis

I'll admit that this project exceeded my expectations. However, with him being an Odd Future affiliate, I was not surprised at all. Great beats and subject matter that takes you into another realm of hip-hop.

6. Live Love A$AP | A$AP Rocky 

This tape definitely took some getting used to, but I love it now. The production is wonderful and A$AP's flow is one that shouldn't go unnoticed.

5. Ghost Lady EP | Cocaine 80s

The second project from this collective including No I.D., James Fauntleroy, Common, and many more is truly amazing. To me, it surpassed their previous project and I'm anxious to hear more from them.

4. The Sex EP 2.0 | Terrace Martin

The L.A. native really did a number with this one. The subject matter is excessively erotic, however most enjoyable. This is definitely something to help one wind down after a long day or to share the listening experience with a special someone.

3. Afraid Of Heights | Omen

Hailing from Chicago, this new artist most certainly caught my attention. He tells an interesting story in each and every self-produced track that he lays making this tape more than just a pleasurable listening experience, but one that will make you think.

2. Nostalgia, Ultra | Frank Ocean

This Odd Future affiliate also hit the ground running with this tape. He wowed listeners with unique subject matter and a different approach to R&B in general. 

1. House Of Balloons | The Weeknd

It is ironic how his first project, in my opinion, surpassed all of his more recent work. His soothing voice and entrancing production made this mixtape more than music, but also a work of art. From beginning to end this 9-track tape draws listeners in leaving them wanting more.


Return of 4Eva | Big K.R.I.T. -- As with my top album list, I surely hated to leave him off of this list, but it was only because I had 10 other mixtapes I like a tad more. However, I will acknowledge his talent as a rapper and producer and am anxious to see him grow as an artist.

Other listen-worthy mixtapes of 2011:

Love Love vs. Hate Love | Diddy Dirty Money

The Original Dom Kennedy | Dom Kennedy

Royal Flush II | CyHi Da Prynce

Pursuit EP | Cocaine 80s

Anticipation II | Trey Songz


  1. Love the music blog posts! I'm soooo behind on current music! lol Thanks for introducing me to some new artists!

  2. Aww thanks & no problem dear!! Glad I could help. =)